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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Year-End PEOTS Puns: "Bak Lava," Silt Happens, and the Search for 145+ Minerals Containing Carbon

        Look at that "Ba(c)k Lava!"

So many layers! 

     So much time. . .to deposit silt-sized particles {Silt particles range between 0.0039 and 0.0625 mm, larger than clay but smaller than sand grains.} Because, yes, SILT HAPPENS (It's the motto of Silt, Colorado, on the western slope).

      And, of course, septarian nodules 

     that resemble leopard milk bread. . .

And, back to "ba(c)k lava ;-) :

      Now, to the serious segment of this week's post. Deep Carbon Researchers are challenging all rockhounds to search for the predicted, additional 145+ Carbon Minerals. (Click on the various parts of the diagram in the link to see lists of known carbon minerals, recently discovered ones, and predicted additional carbon minerals.)

      Anyone up for a carbon mineral search, sometime before 2019?

       Merry Christmas, Happy extra-long Chanukkah, good Kwanza, and Happy Everything in the New Year.

Thanks for all the PEOTS Puns along the way,

No Carbon Footprint here -- "Santa's Boot," Uruguay, Amethyst (SiO2 with impurities making that gorgeous purple color):


  1. Happy Holidays from not-so wintry New Jersey, where the predicted high temperature today is 75 F, and we have yet to see the first snow of the season.

    If you geologists can't keep track of all your carbon minerals, Santa's gonna put coal in your stockings!

    1. White Christmas here. Just enough new snow to coat everything prettily but not enough to make the drive to and from Littleton too harrowing.

      Friends in Massachusetts went kayaking!

      I found coal, graphite, AND diamond in my stocking. . .And rhodochrosite!

  2. Baklava has always been a favorite of mine. I can report it's a pain to make (having done it exactly once). But I like to chew baklava.

    1. Me, too. Actually, I think it's a layered thing for me ;-) as "Cheese Strata" was a favorite dish at Smith.

      Clever meme. Have you seen the new Star Wars movie?

    2. Not yet. I hear it's good, but a friend who saw it says that every time you give away a Star Wars spoiler, an Ewok dies, so I got no details from her.

    3. I am holding off until our two visiting Jamaican potcake pups go home on the first day of 2016. Having three dogs around changes the energy around here greatly. They were barking wildly at 1:30 a.m.; perhaps they scared off an intruder.

      Zoë's pup Buni is now almost 8 weeks old. We sent Melkam Genna wishes this morning/evening.

    4. I was reminded of her when I came to 11-Down in today's NY Times crossword. Thought you'd like the 8/58-Across.

    5. Yes! Ether Ethiopia. . .

      ARI, STOP HANES! Too good.

  3. ^^^Santa's Boot added above. Enjoy!

  4. Replies
    1. Honey-flowing mellifluous, sure. But neither cryptoscopophilia nor its meaning qualifies.

    2. Yea, I will give you that one, jan.

  5. I have just now returned from a 27-month time-travel back to October of 2013 (ask Steph, she can tell ya). Just stepped outta my Delorean.

    Love Chewbaklava, jan. And "Cheese Strata," Steph, sounds like something Wisconsin wishes it would have invented.

    Slushy snow that has frozen over... that's what we got here in Minnesota and Wisconsin.


    1. It was a wee bit odd, Lego. 27 months coincides with Zoe's time in Ethiopia; 6 months down, 21 to go.

  6. Replies
    1. Incredible footage of the bridge, jan. Made my heart flutter ;-).

  7. New post on "'Sapphire of the Sea:' A Hexagonal Chitinous Invisibility Cloak on This Critter" is now up!